How to Extend VMDK File of VM in VSphere

How to Extend VMDK Using (AIOM Partition Assistant) Software

Step 1: Extend VMDK File

  • Power off the VM and go to VM setting, choose the disk file and set the size of the disk, press “OK”

In my case, i want to extend it from “6 GB” to “10 GB” as shown below.


Step 2: Extend the Underling Guest OS Disk

  • Power on the VM
  • Go to computer management and verify, i have “4 GB” unallocated space available. It is the exact amount of space which we want to add more in our existing disk space.


In software you will also see “4 GB” unallocated space, which, i want to add to existing “C” drive.

  • Right click on the “C” drive, choose “Resize Partition“


  • Specify the new Size, in my case it will be “10 GB” and press “OK”.


  • As shown below, now, i have single drive with “10 GB” space, to commit the changes click on the drive and choose “apply”, then next popup click “proceed”.


  • It’s done. To verify, go to computer management and you will see “C” drive has 10 GB disk as shown below.



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