How to Configure Multisession in Windows XP

  1. Download the XP Multisession File  XP_Multi_Session.
  2. Change his extention from “.pdf” to “.zip” file and unzip to your desktop.
  3. Make sure no user is using RDP (Remote Desktop).
  4. Make backup of your registry for safe side.
  5. XP contains two files
    1. a.   termsrv.dll
    2. b.   XP_Multi_Session_Reg.bat
  6. Restart your computer in Safe Mode.
  7. Replace the current version of the Terminal Services DLL (termsrv.dll) with an unrestricted version from a previous release of Terminal Services.
  8. Rename the files
    C:\Windows\system32\dllcache\termsrv.dll to termsrv_dll.bak
    C:\Windows\system32\termsrv.dll to termsrv_dll.bak 
  9. Copy the downloaded “termsrv.dll” file (the one you just unzip on Desktop) to following directories or paths.
  11. The next step is to make some changes to the Windows Registry with the “XP_Multi_Session_Reg.bat”. Just double click on the “.bat” file to make the necessary registry changes.
  12. Create Windows Scheduler task of “XP_Multi_Session_Reg.bat”. which runs every time on system startup.
  13. Next define/configure the number of concurrent remote desktop connections / sessions setting at group policy.
    1. Click Start then Run and type “gpedit.msc” and then click OK.
    2. In the Group Policy window expand Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Terminal Services in the left pane.
    3. In the right pane double click on Limit number of connections and define the number of remote desktop sessions.
  14.  Finally reboot the system and you are done!

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