How to renew your Expire ESXi/VCenter License

Renew Expire ESXi Key

SSH to your ESXi Host using putty or any other SSH Client.
Login to your ESXi host Using root credentials

Go to your vmware license file path and open it to your linux editor, in my case it is VI editor.

# vi /etc/vmware/vmware.lic 

NOTE: Delete the old license key with the dd command

Press I and then Insert a new license key.
NOTE:The key above is just an example and is not a valid key.Replace the key used above with the license key you received from VMware.

Renew Expire vCenter Key

when your VCenter license has expired then you got the following error message.


To renew your vcenter server license. go to your vSphere web client and login using your administrator.



From home screen -> On Administration Section-> Click Licensing


In Administration-> Licensing -> in Licenses Tab-> VCenter Server Systems-> Assign License Key

As you may see in below snapshot. my key has been expired.


From Drop down -> Choose “Assign a new License Key”

Enter your License Key and enter a descriptive label -> Click “OK”


Your Key has been renewed. you can verify it as shown below.


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