Cloud Lab-1 : How to install AD/DNS Server for Cloud (Part 1)

Cloud-LAB-1 (Part-1) Tasks

In this Lab Part-1, we will perform following tasks

  1. Create a vm for active directory
  2. OS Perquisites configuration for AD/DNS Server
  3. Install active directory and DNS Role
  4. Verify AD Working

1-Create a VM for Active Directory

Use the following specs to create a VM for active directory and install OS.

  •  Right Click on Server and Choose New Virtual Machine
  •  Enter VM Name (Cloud-AD) and Inventory Location
  •  Select Datastore
  • Select Virtual Machine Version: select latest available
  • Select “Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)” as OS Version
  • # of Virtual Processors: 1
  •  Amount of RAM: 4GB
  •  Network
  • # of NICs: 1
  • Adapter Type: VMXNET 3
  • Select “Connect at Power On
  • SCSI Controller: LSI Logic SAS
  • Create New Virtual Disk: 40GB
  • Use thin provision
  • Install OS.

2-OS Perquisites configuration for AD/DNS Server

Following are the perquisite which we have to configure

  1. Set system name (cloud-ad)
  2. Configure an IP address (
  3. Enable remote desktop
  4. Verify time and time zone settings
  5. Disable Windows Firewall


3-Install active directory and DNS Role

After completing the perquisite. Let start installing active directory and DNS Role
Open cmd prompt and run following cmd “dcpromo”


Wait for AD wizard to launch


After wizard launched, click “Next”


Read the OS compatibility info -> click “Next”


This is our first Active directory server. So choose the 2nd option as highlighted. Click “Next”


Enter the Domain name. Click “Next”


If you have multiple AD’s in your environment with different operation system. Then choose forest functional level according to your minimum OS level. In my lab I have only one AD and it is on 2008 R2. I choose the highest to get all features of latest forest level -> click “Next”


Leave DNS Server checkbox checked to install DNS role as well with active directory-> click “Next”


Choose “Yes”


Leave all as default -> click “Next”


Enter active directory restore mode administrator password as “P@ssw0rd” or whatever you like. Click “Next”


Review the configuration summary-> Click “Next”


Active directory installation has started. You have option to reboot on completion or you will restart it manually after completion. Wait for installation to finish.


Verify AD working

Go to control panel -> administrative Tools -> Click “Active Directory Users and Computers”


As you can see your domain name and its structure. Click on any folder in the hierarchy to verify there is no error.



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