Cloud Lab-1 : How To Install AD/DNS Server For Cloud (Part 2)

Cloud-LAB-1 (Part-2) Tasks

In this Lab Part-2. we will perform following tasks

  1. Configure Forward DNS Zones
  2. Configure Reverse DNS Zones
  3. Test DNS(name Resolution) Working

if you red my Cloud Lab-1 (Part-1) . then you would knew, i have already installed DNS server with my Active Directory installation. now its time to test and configure some DNS Settings.

To verify DNS. Go to control panel -> administrative Tools -> Click “DNS”

Configuring Forward DNS Zone

As you can see by expanding forward lookup zone. click zone. You can see active directory installation process automatically add his machine forward DNS entry.


Configuring Reverse DNS Zone

By default there is no reverse lookup zone configured. We have to configure it before created the reverse DNS entries.To create a reverse lookup zone for Right click on reverse lookup zone -> select “New Zone”


Click “Next”


Leave as default. This is our first DNS server so it is our primary zone and we want to store our zone settings in active directory-> click “Next”


Leave as default-> click “Next”


Since we have only IPV4 in our environment. So choose “IPv4 reverse lookup zone” -> click “Next”


Enter Network ID. It should be the first three octet of you IP my lab I am using network IP scheme for my private network. So I have entered “192.168.150”-> Click “Next”


Leave as default to allow only secure dynamic updates -> Click “Next”


Review the configuration summary. Click “Finish”


As you may see in below picture reverse lookup zone has configured.


Reverse DNS Entry

Now add reverse DNS entry for our domain controller machine.Right click on zone -> select “New Pointer (PTR)”


Enter the IP address of you domain hosts and browse your forward zone record for cloud-ad. Click “OK”


Click “OK”


Click on the reverse lookup zone folder to verify the newly created PTR record.


VM Settings for DNS

Now configure active machine DNS should point be the IP of our DNS Server.


Test DNS(name Resolution) Working

Open cmd prompt and run below cmd.

  • Ping FQDN name of the host to verify the forward lookup zone ( ping -4)
  • Ping Machine IP address with “–a” option to verify the reverse lookup zone ( ping –a

*NOTE: “-4” flag with forward lookup zone tells only ping IPv4 IP*



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