How to reset your ESXi Root Password Using host Profile

I have faced problem when i forget root credentials of my ESXi Server.First i through to rebuild the host from scratch but it is not my test server. so i have googled it and found one solution. i thought, i write a post which help me or others to solve this type of situation .In this post the method which i am going to use for reset of my root password in host profile.

i assume you have already knew about host profile and how to use it and there is one prerequisite for host profile. your should have ESXi Enterprise Plus license in order to get the host profile feature.

How it is possible to reset root password with host profile?

Well it is because the vpxa user on each ESXi host has root privileges and it is added when the ESXi host is connected to vCenter  Server.

In this Post, i shall perform following tasks.

  • Create host profile
  • Configure the host profile
  • Apply the Host Profile to the ESXi Host
  • Verify your Host credentials

Create host profile.

Right click any host in your inventory (it doesn’t matter which), choose “Host Profile”-> “Create Profile from Host”


Give the host profile a name and description. Click “Next”.


Click “Finish” to create the host profile.


Configure the host profile

Open the host profile

Go to home-> Management -> Host profile


“Right Click” on the host profile (which i have just created) and choose “Edit Profile”


Expand “Security Configuration”-> Choose “Administrator password”

Select “Configure a fixed administrator password”, type in the “administrator password twice”-> click “OK”.


“Right-click” the Host Profile -> choose “Enable/Disable Profile Configuration”


“Uncheck” everything in the Host Profile configuration except the “Security Configuration”-> click “OK”


Apply the Host Profile to the ESXi Host

Before apply the host profile into the ESXi Host. you should put ESXi host in maintenance mode. “Right Click” on the ESXi host -> “Enter Maintenance Mode”


“Right click” on any host in your inventory-> choose “Host Profile”-> “Manage Profile”


Choose your host profile in my case it is “Password_Reset” -> click “OK”


“Right click” on any host in your inventory -> Choose “Host Profile” -> Choose “Apply Profile”


Check the changes to be applied (only administrator password change should be applied)->click “Finish”.


Verify your Host credentials

To verify you can log in with the new password. you should be able to log in with the new password immediately.

Login to the ESXi host with putty and enter the new credentials which you have just configured.if you are able to login to the host the its means your settings applied successfully.



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