Cloud Lab-8 : How to Configure NFS Volume in Virtual SAN (Openfiler Part 3)

LAB-8 TASKS (Part 3)

Just for quick recall, in Virutal SAN  (openfiler) Cloud Lab. we have done following things so far.

  1. Installation of VSAN
  2. Configured ISCSI Volume

Today, i am going to show you how to configure a NFS Share in Openfiler Virtual SAN. than later we will use these share in our cloud environment .

In this Lab we will perform following tasks.

  1. Configure NFS Share in Openfiler
    • Create Physical Volume
    • Create a Volume Group
    • Create Volume
  2. Create NFS Share

Configure NFS Share in Openfiler

From Main screen go to the “Services” tab and enable and start the ‘NFS Server’ as shown below


Create the volumes

From “main menu”-> “volume tab”


From “Right Side”-> Choose “Block Devices”


Choose your block device for volume. In my case I choose “/dev/sdc”


Now repeat the following steps as we did above to create new volume on “/dev/sdc”.

Create Physical Volume


Create Volume Group


Create Volume

In NFS. You Configuration look like as shown below before creation. Your volume should be “XFS” Type


When you volume is created. It look like as shown below.


Create NFS Share

Go to the “Shares” tab, there you will find the new volume as an available share


Just to clarify concepts, this volume IS NOT the real NFS share. We are going to create a folder into the volume and share that folder through NFS to our ESXi servers.

Click into the volume name and in the pop-up enter the name of the folder and click Create folder.


Here is your created share look like.


Finally we are going to configure the newly created share; Click on the share and select “Make Share”.


Now you enter his share configuration area


Scroll down to Share Access Control Mode. Select the Access Control Mode.

Two modes are available:

 Public guest access – There is no user based authentication.

Controlled access – The authentication is defined in the Accounts section.


Select Public guest Access -> Click Update.

Next select the share type, for our purposes case I obviously choose NFS and set the permissions as Read-Write. Click Update.


“Edit” the NFS options


Change UID/GID mapping to “no_root_squash”



Similarly create other NFS volumes for Management , Gold and Bronze Resource Group. for more information about how many Volumes, i have used in the cloud lab. please see my Cloud LAB Setup Post.

Now go to ESXi Hosts and configure these NFS Share.if you dont know how to configure NFS Share/Volume in ESXi Server then wait for a while. i will show you this configuration in later my cloud lab.

Next step, if you want to install signed certificate in openfiler virtual SAN. which is an optional step than you may see my post “How to install signed certificate in openfiler“.it will guide you the process of installation.


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