Cloud Lab-16: How to Build a vSphere Environment – “ESXi Basic Configuration”

Just for quick recall, we have started building our cloud environment. in previous post we configured our Active directory environment and then created some user/group for our environment and  gave them different role/permission on vCenter. In this post we move forward and do some more configuration.


In this Lab we will perform following tasks

  1. Build/configure the VSphere Environment
  2. ESXi-Host Basic Settings from VCenter
    • License Setting
    • Time Server Setting
    • Authentication Setting (join Domain)

1-Build/Configuring  the VSphere Environment

*Before starting to build the environment you may have installed signed SSL Certificate to your environment there are two options for that.

You may install the SSL Certificate on VSphere environment before or after joining the hosts to vCenter. For complete configuration please check my SSL Implementation guide*

Navigate to vCenter Servers Home Page > VCenter -> Inventory tree->host and Cluster->Right Click on vCenter Root -> “New datacenter”.


Enter a Datacenter name.

Right Click on Newly Created Datacenter ->” Add Host”.


Enter the “Host Name/IP”, Click “Next”


Enter ESXi root user and password, click “Next”


Click “yes”


Assign a “license key”, if you want to add later just click “Next


In “Lock down mode” (leave as default)

Select the “VM Location”, select which Datacenter. In our case its only one.Click “Next”.


Read the “summary page” and click “finish”

Review the newly added Host.


*NOTE: repeat the same steps for reset of the hosts, including both Management and Resource group ESXi Servers*

Here is the final look of “Management vCenter”.


Here is final lookup of “Resource group vCenter”


2-ESXi-Host Basic Settings from VCenter

a)-License Setting. (If you already configured license key above at Host adding process then skip this step)

Navigate to vCenter Servers Home Page > VCenter -> Inventory tree->host and Cluster-> Select the Host (in my case it is

In Select hosts-> Manage-> Settings-> Licensing-> Assign License Key.


Select “Assign a New License key” option from drop down and enter your key and label-> Click “OK”


Verify your License key


b)-Time Server Setting

Navigate to vCenter Servers Home Page > VCenter -> Inventory tree->host and Cluster-> Select the Host (in my case it is

In Select hosts-> Manage-> Settings-> Time Configuration-> Click “Edit”


Use NTP and enter the server name/IP then start the service. If you don’t have NTP then leave as default-> Click “OK”


Verify your settings.


c)-Authentication Setting (join Domain)

In host Setting -> System-> Authentication Services-> “Join Domain”


Enter the domain name and valid user credentials who has enough rights to join a host to domain-> Click “OK”


Verify your settings



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