vCenter Performance Tab Charts issue

I had updated my vCenter from “vCenter Server 5.5 GA” To “vCenter Server 5.5 Update 1a” a few days back. Everything is working fine except today, I checked my performance graph of a hosts from vCenter. But it did not showing any performance data in the performance tab. I have checked my other hosts, some of them showing performance data fine. After some analysis, I have found the hosts which has built 5.0 and 5.1 GA has this issue.


The odd thing is when I logged into the specific hosts (which did not show performance data in vCenter) and checked his performance tab. the data is showing fine in the performance tab of the ESXi hosts.


After this problem I search it on Google and found a solution in VMWare community site. I thought I write an article about it so if any one ran in this type of situation then following is the worked for me.


Option 1:

To resolve this problem. Login to the ESXi (not from vCenter) host. Go to the Configuration tab -> Security Profile -> Services -> Properties


In service properties -> select the “vpxa” service -> Click on “Options” button

NOTE: VPXA-It is the agent of Vcenter server. also known as mini vcenter server which is installed on the each esxi server which is managed by Vcenter server. What are the management action we are performing on top of the vcenter server. (Like:- Increasing/Decreasing RAM & HDD, Making any type of changes in cluster, doing vmotion. This agent collects all information from the vcenter server and pass this information to the kernal of the esxi server.


Click “Restart” to restart the vpxa Service -> Click “OK”


If you can see the restart tasks in the recent tasks of vSphere may look like as shown below.



To verify, after few minutes (15-20) go to the performance tab of the ESXi hosts from vCenter and check your performance data should be showing now. 


Option 2:

        I.            Restart the Management Agent using DUCI

SSH into the ESXi host using Putty and go to DUCI

After login type “dcui” on cmd prompt (Shell) 


NOTE: you can do this step from ESXi Console as well.

When you are in DCUI (The Direct Console User Interface) -> Press “F2”


Login using root credentials -> Press “Enter”


If below screen does not appear after press enter then Press “F2” once. When below screen appears select “Troubleshooting Options” -> Press “Enter”


In Troubleshooting Mode -> Select “Restart Management Agents” -> Press “Enter”


Press “F11” to Confirm the restarting of Management Agent. Then wait for the Agent to Restart


NOTE: restart management agent will cause disconnection of all the session and stop all the activities of the host. So keep this in mind before restarting this service.

Press “Ctrl +C” to quit from DCUI screen.

        II.            Restart the Management Agent using Shell Command

You can restart Management agent Service with shell command. SSH into the ESXi host with putty and then type following command to restart the management agent service.

# /etc/init.d/hostd restart


Here is hostd service restarting.



Now wait for (10-15) minutes and check your ESXi host from vCenter it should showing performance data now.


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