How to Migrate from Virtual Distributed Switch (VDS) into Virtual Stand Switch (VSS)

Today I ran into the situation where I need to migrate my VDS VM’s into VSS. I thought I write an article and show you the steps, how this migration will be performed.

In this example, I want to migrate VMs of one of my ESXi Server ( from VDS into VSS. To do this go to ESXi host “Configuration” tab -> “Networking” in vCenter and Choose “vSphere distributed Switch” tab.

Here you may notice, I have a port group with name “VMs_DVPortgroup” which is mapped against “vmnic0”. It is the distributed switch where all of my 23 VMs are connected now. 


 If you switch to the “vSphere Standard Switch” tab and see I have a port group name “LAN-1” which is mapped against “vmnic2”. My goal is to migrate all of my VDS “VMs_dvPortGroup” VMs into VSS “LAN-1” port group.


Now I know about both of my “source” and “destination” network. Let’s migrate.

Go to Inventory -> Networking and choose your distributed switch, in my Case it is “dvSwith”, right click on the switch and choose “Migrate Virtual Machine Network”


In next screen wizard will ask you to choose your “source” and “destination” network. In my case I already knew my source network is on “dvSwitch” with port group name “VM_dvPortGroup” and destination in on VSS with name “LAN-1” -> Click “Next”


Now migration wizard has been started. Next “Sort” you host against IP by clicking on the “Host” heading at top. 


As you can see in below image, the ESXi host along with VMs and their destination network accessibility status. It showing accessible. Select the VMs against the ESXi host ( which you want to migrate -> Click “Next”


Verify your configuration in “summary” tab -> Click “Finish”


If you can see the activity in your “Recent task” of your vCenter. Then you may notice, your VMs are now migrating from VDS to VSS. This is live migration without any downtime. For surety you may start pinging you VM Network IP before migration and you will notice that not even a single ping will be drop during migration process.


When recent activity task has been stopped, its mean your activity has been complete. To verify it, go to your ESXi host Virtual Standard Switch tab and check your destination network port group “LAN-1”, as you can see below all of VMs are now connected to VSS network “LAN-1”. You may test the connectivity of your VM by pining their IP address.


NOTE: “To Migrate from VSS to VDS”. Just do the opposite as showed above in third screen shot. Choose “VSS” as a Source Network and “VDS” as a destination.


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