Cloud Lab-22: Resource Group vCenter Advance Configuration – “VM Templates”

Now we almost have every thing in placed for our cloud environment.its to start Resource Group(RG) vCenter Server advance Configuration.these configuration will be used as baseline for our cloud Environment. for Quick Recall, please visit my Lab Scenario post.


In this Lab we will perform following tasks

  1. Create VM Templates for cloud

Create a XP VM with default configuration and name it “xp-template”. Install windows “XP professional” on it. This VM will later used in our cloud environment to test our use cases.  

As you can see below VM with named “xp-template”


Template is used as master image which is preconfigured with all the necessary setting. When all the setting completed then shut down the VM and convert him to a template.

Right Click on VM- > All VCenter Actions -> Convert to Template.


As you have noticed as soon as your machine is converted to template it disappeared from you host view


To see you’re newly created template. Click the VM Icon from the top and expand VCenter inventory. As you see template icon is look like different then the VM.  


*NOTE: repeat the same step to prepare a Redhat Linux VM Template with name “rhel-template”*.


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