Cloud Lab-32: vCloud Director Foundation- ” Resource POD and Provider vDCs”

In Previous post, i have configured basis configuration of vCloud Cells. in today’s post. i am going to start configuring the private cloud for the my dummy organizations. lets start.


In this Lab we perform following tasks

  1. Laying the vCloud foundation. Building the resource POD
  2. Define Provider VDC’s

1-Laying the vCloud foundation. Building the resource POD

As you can see in main screen vmware provided the steps to build the vcloud foundation. Lets start and follow the quick start steps.

Attach vCenter.

Click on the “Attach a vCenter”


Provide the vCenter details. In my case, i entered the Resource group vCenter detail which builds for vCloud resources. Click “Next”


Enter the vShield Manager detail. In this section we are using the same vCloud appliance which we deployed for vCloud Cells load balancing. Click “Next”


Review the summary. If everything is fine. Click “Finish”


You can view you newly added vCenter progress in “Manage & Monitor” Tab -> VSphere resources -> Click “vCenter”


When vCenter is added see his status. Little “green arrow” in status shows everything went fine.


2-Define Provider VDC’s

Create Three Provider VDC’s with configuration defined in below table.

Provider VDC Name VM Hardware Version Resource Pool Storage Policy
PvDC-Gold 10 VCD-RES Cluster-A (Gold) Gold Storage
PvDC-Silver 10 VCD-RES Cluster-B (Silver) Silver Storage
PvDC-Bronze 10 VCD-RES Cluster-C (Bronze) Bronze Storage

Let start to create first PvDC’s .on Quick Start Section. Click on option 2 “Create a Provider-VDC”


Enter the “PvDC name”, Select “Hardware version” supported for this provider-> Click “Next”


Select the Resource pool -> Click “Next”


Select the Storage Policy -> Click “Add” -> Click “Next”


Prepare hosts.

In this section. It will detect number of ESXi hosts assigned to your selected resource my case I have same credentials for all hosts. I leave as default and enter the root password. If you have different password for each host than choose second option-> Click “Next”


Review the summary -> Click “Finish”


Now verify your option 2 is select and “marked as green”.


NOTE: Repeat the same steps to add other two provider VDC’s.

Verify Provider VDCs status from “Manage & Monitor-> Provider VDCs-> Manage”.it should look like as shown below.


Verify your added host’s status as well from “Manage & Monitor-> VSphere Resources -> Hosts”



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