Cloud Lab-35: vCloud Director Foundation- “Organizations Configuration”


In this Lab we will perform following tasks

  1. Configuration Layout/Logical Design of vCloud Director Organizations.
  2. Active Directory baseline configuration for Organizations.
  3. Create vCloud Organizations.

1-Configuration Layout/Logical Design of vCloud Director Organizations

To create vCloud Director Organizations, you should follow the below table logical design guidelines for the organizations configurations.

if you don’t know,What is the purpose of Organizations in vCloud Director. you should read my post “Cloud Resources and Logical Design”.

Org Name Username Role Publish Catalog Leases
SkyNet SkyNet-AdminSkyNet-User1 Org AdminvApp User Allow for all Orgs Never Expire
HITech HITech-AdminHITech -User1 Org AdminvApp User Allow for all Orgs Never Expire

2-Active Directory  basline configuration for Organizations.

Before creating organization, lets create active directory infrastructure (users/groups) for our both organizations. We will grant access later for each user for respective organization.

Go to your active directory ( server, which we already prepared/configured for our vCloud Lab. Open the server, In “run” type “dsa.msc” to open the active directory user and computer console.

Right click on root of “” domain -> New -> “Organization Unit”


Enter your first organization Name “SkyNet” as describe in layout table outline-> Click “Ok”


Verify your new OU has created. Now create “users/group” structure in this OU. Who belongs to “SkyNet” organization


In my lab, one group and one user is enough for testing.below is “Skynet Organization AD structure” as describe in the organization layout table guideline


NOTE: users and groups creation process in pretty easy. if you don’t know, how to create users and groups in the active should visit my post here.

Repeat the same process to create an “OU for HITech Organization” and create a user and group in it according to organization layout guidelines.

Here is the final look of “HITech Organization” Active directory Structure.


3-Create vCloud Organizations

Now we have our AD infrastructure in place for vCloud Director Organization Configuration Let’s start our lab to create our first organization (SkyNet) as per our logical design guidelines.

Go to “vCloud director” home screen-> in “quick start” menu -> click on option 5th “Create a new organization” 


Enter your first organization name “SkyNet” and Org Full name “SkyNet Corporation” -> Click “Next”


Enter the LDAP configuration -> click “Next”


NOTE: this is ldap path for “Skynet OU” in AD, where it gets all the Users/Groups for SkyNet Organization. make sure enter distinguished name for OU is in small letters in ldap path. Even you defined case sensitive in AD.

Click “Add”, if you want to “add local user” Account. It is always good practice to add a local user. In case if active directory services are not available then you have atleast this account to login on vCloud director.


Allow “share catalog” to other organizations as describe in Organization layout table guideline-> Click “Next”


Leave as default. In lab, i don’t have email system available. But in production you should configure it here accordingly-> Click “Next”


Set all leases setting to “Never Expires”-> Click “Next”


On ready to complete page, Review the organization configuration summary -> Click “Finish”


Repeat the same steps to create the 2nd organization with name “HITech” and follow the Organization layout table guide for it.

Here is final look of your both organizations


Now verify you 5th option went into green



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