Cloud Lab-56: vCloud Director Organizations- “SSL VPN Configuration types and requirements”

SSL VPN Configuration types and requirements

Following are some configuration requirements which are limited to vCloud Director and you should know before start the configuration.

1-SSL VPN Type in vCloud Director

SSL VPN Configure only allow these type of configuration

  1. VPN tunnel between two Organization networks in the SAME Organization
  2. VPN tunnel between two Organization networks in DIFFERENT Organizations
  3. VPN tunnel between Organization Network to external remote network outside the vCD Cell…

2-SSL VPN Configuration requriements for  vCloud Director

There are couple of requirements to be met along the way.

  • Organization Networks must be external, and NAT-connected to the external network
  • The Organization Networks must share the SAME external network
  • Both Organization Networks must not have overlapping IP subnets

If there is a firewall present between the tunnel endpoints then “UDP Ports 50,51,500 and 4500” must be opened (these corresponds to the ESP, AH, IKE protocols). Enabling the VPN configuration requires access rights from one Organization to another as it create bi-directional VPN configuration on both sides. You can either use the credentials at the destination Organization setup for the purpose or use the “SysAdmin” credentials, if you have them.


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