Top vBlog 2015 Contest -(Vote for my Blog)

Top vBlog 2015 Contest Voting has been started. please vote for my blog.


Click here for Vote 

What is the Top vBlog?

Infinio is the proud sponsor of the annual Top vBlog 2015 voting contest presented by which allows you to vote for your favorite VMware and virtualization blogs from across the world.

For more information you may visit URL 

You can also find the full list of vBlog at URL 

Guide to Vote for vTop Blog

1-On first Page. to start the voting process. Click “Next”.

2-Next Page, Check at least “10 bloges”, which you like and don’t forget to check “Virtualization Blog (Shabbir Ahmed) “as show below. you can use “CTRL+F” to find the name.Once you selected the 10 Blogs, Click “Next”


3-On Next page. you find the below list. here you can drag and drop from first list to the second one according to rank 1-10 as shown below. One done, Click “Next”


4-In next page, you have to vote against the nominated categories. i have applied for two categories.which you will find at number “6” and “7” as shown below. you can use “CTRL+F” to find my name “Virtualization Blog (Shabbir Ahmed)” and select it. Once done, Click “Next”

1- (6 )Best new blogger


2-(7) Independed blogger


5-In next page enter you “name” and “email add”  to submit your vote.


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