vRA-Lab-02-How to install Identity Appliance

A vRealize Automation installation includes installing and configuring single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, the user interface portal, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) components.

1-What is VMware Identity Appliance?

Identity Appliance is a preconfigured virtual appliance that provides single sign-on (SSO) capabilities for the vRealize Automation environment.

2-Install VMWare Identity Appliance.

Download the vRealize Automation media from “my.vmware.com”. Once downloaded, go to the vCenter where you want to deploy your vRealize Automation Identity appliance.

From vSphere Web Client -> vCenter -> Host & Cluster -> Right Click on “Cluster or ESXI host” -> Choose “Deploy OVF Template


In vApp deployment wizard -> Choose option “Local file” and “browse” your “vRealize Identity Appliance” -> Click “Next”


Review the OVF Details -> Click “Next”


Accept the End user License Agreement -> Click “Next”


Choose the “default name or enter a new one” and “Select a folder” where you want to place the appliance in DataCenter -> Click “Next”


Choose your datastore and other storage settings -> Click “Next”


Select a “Destination Network” and “IP Protocol” for your Appliance -> Click “Next”


Enter the information such as “root password, host name and IP Configurations” for your Appliance -> Click “Next”


Verify your configured information -> Click “Finish”




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