vRA-Lab-05-How to Configure vRealize Automation Appliance

Once vRealize Automation Appliance VM has deployed. “Power On” the VM and wait for VM to completely ready.

Go to the “vRealize Automation Appliance” configuration URL “https://AutomationapplainceIP:5480” and provide default “root” user credentials. Which you configured during the Appliance installation process-> Click “Login”.


Once logged in. Go to “System tab -> Time Zone” and choose your desire “System Time Zone”. Once done -> Click “Save Settings”


After Click on “Save settings” make sure your time zone settings has been saved as shown below


This is optional Step. But it is good practice to replace the default self-sign certificate. In “vRA Settings -> host Settings” tab -> Under “SSL Configuration Click on option “Generate Certificate” and provide the certificate info. Make sure your “certificate common” name is exactly the same as your vRA Automation Appliance FQDN Name. Once Done -> Click “Save Settings”


Verify your newly created self-signed certificate have been successfully replaced as shown below


Next go to “vRA Settings -> SSO” tab and provide the SSO Details to configure vRealize Appliance for SSO.  In “SSO Host” textbox provide the “identity appliance FQDN” as we are using identity appliance for SSO along with identity appliance SSO credentials. Once done -> Click “Save Settings”


Verify the “Subject DN” and Click “OK”


When you clicked “Ok”. It take couple of minutes to join the vRealize Appliance to SSO. Once done you should see the successfully message as shown below.


Next under “vRA settings-> Licensing” tab. Provide the vRealize “License Key” and Click “Submit”


That’s all for the vRA Appliance configuration. You should also check other tab, if you want to change or check the other configurations. If you go to “vRA Settings -> IaaS Install” tab.  This tab will provide you instruction for our next configuration of “vRA IaaS Component”


Restart the appliance once to verify everything was configured well. Once the appliance come back. Go to the “Services” tab and make sure every service status should be “REGISTERED”. There are certain Services. Which could take some time to appear as Registered. So be patient and use “Refresh” button to reflect the latest status.



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