vDCA550-Objective 1.2-8- Understand interactions between virtual storage provisioning and physical storage provisioning

When using thin provisioning, Space of the storage has not been allocated up front. Storage can grow automatically when the data has written into the disk during the operation of the virtual machine. A thin virtual disk is zero bytes until you begin installing the guest OS.

You can over commit storage at virtual infrastructure if you are using the thin provision datastore. This may lead to physical storage issue. You make sure to keep following things in mind.

  • As the datastore grows, it cannot determine whether the actual amount of physical space is still sufficient for its needs. However, when you use the Storage APIs – Array Integration, the host can integrate with physical storage and become aware of underlying thin-provisioned
  • Additionally, it’s recommended to configure thin provisioning at the array level when supported. This strategy is more efficient in terms of minimizing unused space, giving an administrator more flexibility in provisioning storage.
  • Inform the array about the datastore space that is freed when files are deleted or removed from the datastore by Storage vMotion. The array can then reclaim the freed blocks of space

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