vDCA550-Objective 1.2-9- Configure Datastore Alarms

By default there are lots of pre-defined alarm comes with vCenter. But not every alarm is configured as your requirements. You can adjust the existing alarm configuration or create the new one. You can check the default datastore alarms which come with vCenter

From WebClient-> datastore->Click on vCenter -> Manage-> Alarm definition -> Search “datastore”

All the datastore related alarms are filtered as shown below


You can create your own custom alarm on various object levels in the vCenter inventory such as (vCenter, datacenter, cluster, individual object level)

There are two types of alarms available when you will choose to can create a new one.

  • Based on the conditions and states of the object
  • Based on specific event occurring on the object.

 For sake of demonstration, I am going to create two alarms at vCenter level one from each condition.

Based on the conditions and states of the object

Example 1: Create an alarm for datastore which will tell us and email when datastore will overcommit. Alarm will trigger and show you warning, when Storage provisioned of a datastore on the vSphere reached up to his 100% capacity and show you critical red error alarm when datastore is overcommitted up to 150%.This alarm is very helpful for NFS Datastores which have the ability to overcommit the storage.

To create a new alarm on the datastore object- From webclient home screen -> Datastore-> Select vCenter -> Manage-> Alram definitions-> Click on the “+” Green sign


Enter the alarm name and descriptions -> Select “Datastore” from Monitor drop box -> Choose Monitor for “Specific condition or state” option and make sure “Enable this alarm check box” is checked -> Click “Next”


In Next page you will define you condition and his threshold level. Click “Next”

What is Trigger if (choose any or All)?

Any:  it works like “OR” operation between different defined condition. Mean if anyone will be true, alarm trigger

All: Similarly all condition work like “AND” case. When all conditions are true then alarm will trigger.


When happen when the above condition met or true. Following are the actions available for configuration. I choose to send notification email when alarm state is changed from warning to red -> Click “Finish”

NOTE: for email notifications make sure you have configured SMTP server in the vCenter advance settings.


Based on specific event occurring on the object.

Example 2: Create an alarm for datastore which will email us when specific datastore capacity increased and datastore name would be” ISCSI1_datastore”.

While creating a second datastore alarm. In General tab enter the Alarm name and description. Choose “datastore” from “Monitor dropdown” and choose Monitor for “Specific event occurring on this object” option -> Click “Next”


In Trigger section. Define your datastore conditions-> Click “Next”


Configure your action against the alarm condition -> Click “Finish”


Verify you created alarms.



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