vRA-Lab-11-Create a Business Group

Tenant administrators create business groups to associate a set of services and resources to a set of users, often corresponding to a line of business, department, or other organizational unit. Users must belong to a business group to request machines.


Log in to the vRealize Automation console as a “Tenants administrator”. In my case, I have created one already in my Active Directory with name “vmexpo-tadmin@vmexpo.local” and gave permission to configure tenants during “create new tenants” process. Enter the “credentials” and click “Login”



Once you login. Either you follow the walkthrough screen on left side or go to “Infrastructure” tab -> Groups-> Business Groups > Click “New Business Groups”.


1-Add your first business group name “VMExpo-IT-Prod” and description (optional)

2-Select a Default machine prefix “Demo-VM-” and Type the AD Container (Optional), where this Business Group machine will provisioned.

NOTE: The Active Directory container is used only for WIM provisioning. Other provisioning methods require additional configuration to join provisioned machines to an AD container.

3-Enter the Name of User/group for Group manager role, I already create one in active directory against this tenants with name “vmexpo-admins@vmexpo.local”. Type it in search box and press “Enter”.

4-Type one/more users/group names in the Send manager emails, in my case it is “vmexpo-admins@vmexpo.local”. Multiple entries must be separated with commas. Once done, press “Enter”.

5-Add “User role” users/groups “vmexpo-user1@vmexpo.local” and “Support Role” users/groups “vmexpo-support@vmexpo.local” for your business group, you can also add Custom properties (optional) for your Business group as well.

6-Click “OK”.


Verify your added Business group as shown below.



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