vDCA550-Objective 1.3-2-Change a multipath policy

From CLI:

First check the default PSP of a Device.

#esxcli storage nmp device list 


Example: As you can see above we have “Fixed” PSP Policy is configured which comes default with VMWARE. Let’s change it to “Round Robin”

#esxcli storage nmp device set –d t10.F405E46494C45425837546174494D2958787E4D284248366 –P VMW_PSP_RR


You can verify your configured PSP settings

#esxcli storage nmp device list (Go to you device and check Path Selection Policy (PSP))


From GUI.

From Webclient ->Home-> Storage-> Select your device (Datastore) -> Manage-> Settings -> Connectivity and Multipathing -> Select the Host -> Click “Edit Multipathing” Button.


 Select your Multipathing from Drop Down and Click “OK”


Verify your configured settings



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