vDCA550-Objective 2.3-3-Configure explicit failover to conform with VMware best practices

Another configuration option that can be set on vSwitches is “Use Explicit Failover” Order. A common use case is to modify the default settings on the Management Network such that it has only one active uplink and one or more standby uplinks. Another use case is to provide N+1 failover for a set of port groups and a team of uplinks. In this case, the number of NICs on the team can be one more than the number of port groups. So, each port group can be configured with one unique, active NIC and all port groups can be configured with the same standby adapter.

Example 1 (vSS):

Configure Active and Passive NICS for a Standard Virtual Switch On a vSS named vSwitch3 that has a team of NICs (vmnic1, vmnic2, and vmnic3), configure the “Production” port group to direct its I/O to “vmnic1” only, under normal conditions. Likewise, configure the “RND” port group to direct its I/O to “vminic2” under normal conditions. Configure both port groups such that they can failover to “vmnic3”, if necessary.  


The configuration details are shown below.

vSwitch3 Topology


Production Port Group Failover Order

Go to the Production Portgroup and settings and set the Failover order as shown below.


RND Port Group Failover Order


Example 2 (vDS):

Configure a port group named “Production” on a vDS named “dvSwitch1” to use uplink to “Uplink-3” with the “Route based on physical NIC load” teaming policy. Set “Failback” to “No”. On the same switch, configure the “VM-01” Portgroup to use “Uplink-1” with the “Use Explicit Failover Order” teaming policy, but permit it to “failover to “Uplink-2” if necessary. Ensure that each port group is configured to “notify switches” in the event of a failover


I already have a dvSwitch Configured with two portgroup named “Production” and “VM-01”. Below is the topology diagram of the “dvSwitch1”.

If you don’t know how to create dvSwitch and Portgroup. Please visit my Post “VCAP-55-Objective2.2-2-Migrate a vSS network to a hybrid or full vDS solution”


Let’s Configured the both port group2 according to above example.

To Configure the Production PG. Right Click on the Production PG -> Click “Edit Settings”


Your “Production PG” Configuration should be look like as shown below. After configuration -> Click “OK”


Similarly edit the “VM-01 PG” Settings are its configuration should looks like as shown below. After configuration -> Click “OK”



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