Trendmicro Deep Security Licensing Model?

This is very short post on Trendmicro Licensing. it is very imporant information, if you have plan to buy the deep security protection for Virtualization.

What is Trendmicro Licensing Model?

There are two Licesing Models avaibale for Tendmciro Deep Securiy.

  • Enterpise License (Cover all the Modules)
  • Module Wise License (You can buy indivule modules)

I already discussed different modules of Deep Security in my previous post. lets me write it again.

There are three module avilable for Deep Security.

  • Network Security
  • System Security
  • Antimalware Security

You have option to buy all the module in form of Enterprise License at once or buy an individule module for your ease.

Deep Security Licensing is based on Server Physical CPUs (Socket). Mean you have to buy the license for the total number of physical Processor in your ESXi host in order to protect the underlying Virtual machines (Servers).if you buy the license on CPU basis you can protect ulimited VM under a single ESXi host.



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