Trendmicro Deep Security Architecture/Components?

Deep Security Architecture

Deep Security is a comprehensive server security platform designed to protect dynamic data centers comprising physical, virtual, and cloud servers as well as virtual desktops.

The solution consists of following components.

Deep Security Components

  • Deep Security Manager.
  • Deep Security Virtual Appliance.
  • Deep Security Agent.
  • Deep Security Relay Agent.
  • Deep Security Notifier.

What is Deep Security Manager (DSM)?

Deep security manager is the web based Console where you can administrator the Deep Security Environment. Here you can manager VMs, Create and Deploy Policies, Create reports and Dashboard etc.

What Deep Security Virtual Appliance (DSVA)?

The Deep Security Virtual Appliance runs as a VMware virtual machine and protects the other virtual machines on the same ESXi Server, each with its own individual security policy.

This virtual appliance provides agentless options for security controls that include integrity monitoring, anti-malware, IDS/IPS, and firewall protection.


vCNS only Support Agentless protection for Antimalware & Integrity Monitoring Module, While NSX Support Agentless  Security for Every Component of Deep Security

What Deep Security Agent ?

The Deep Security Agent (“the Agent”) is a high performance, small footprint, software component installed on a computer to provide protection of anti-malware, IDS/IPS, web application protection, application control, firewall, integrity monitoring, and log inspection..

What is Deep Security Relay Agent?

The Deep Security Agent contains a Relay module (off by default). At least one Relay-enabled Agent is required in any Deep Security installation to distribute Security and Software Updates throughout your Deep Security network. You can enable multiple Relay-enabled Agents and organize them into hierarchical groups to more efficiently distribute Updates throughout your network.

What is Deep Security Notifier?

The Deep Security Notifier is a Windows System Tray application that communicates the state of the Deep Security Agent and Relay-enabled. A pop notification is arrived Deep Security Agent begins a scan, or blocks malware or access to malicious web page


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