Trendmicro Deep Security Checklist before Installation.

Before Start the deployement of Deep Security different Components. make sure you have completed the following checklist.

1-Release notes for Deep Security Components.

Read the Release Notes of every component of Deep Security and check you have supported environment available as per the release notes. it will also tell you which feature are added/removed and which bugs are fixed.

You can find the deep security differnet components at following link.

below is snapshot of Deep Security Manager release notes. similiary you can check the other components release notes as well.


2-Deep Security Product VMware product interoperability matrix

it is very imporant to check the Deep Security Product VMware product interoperability matrix.  it will tell you which version of VMware Product is compatiable with Deep Security Product which you are going to install.

You can find the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix at following link.


NOTE: you can expand with the drop arrow as highlight in above screen shot against the vSphere version you want to protect using deep security  and see its Interoperability with deep security.

3-Download Deep Security Media

Download all the required/latest media from TrendMicro download center website for deep security.


Following is the list of media you will required.

  • Deep Security Manager
  • Deep Security Virtual appliance
  • Deep Security Agent
  • Deep Security Notifer
  • Deep Security Protection Server (SPS)

You can go to each component page Individually and download the latest media from Product download/Update tab. below snaphot is example to download media of Deep Security Manager.


Similarly go to Product Page tab and download the latest patches of the components from the same page.  below snaphot is example to download patches of Deep Security Manager.


NOTE: I will be downloading latest media with Version 9.6 SP1 Patch 1. Which is latest available at this time. For Deep security Virtual Appliance it will be version 9.5.2.



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