How to Install TrendMicro Smart Protection Server (SPS)

In agentless anti-malware environment, the actual scanning of the files takes place on the Deep Security Virtual Appliance, as there is no agent on the endpoint.

When anti-malware is enabled and is configured to use Smart Scanning, what happens is that a file scanning is verified against a local pattern file (Smart Scan Agent Pattern) this contains half of the virus signature.  The file hash signature is then compared against the BF pattern which also resides locally, the BF pattern will determine if the file hash signature needs to be sent to Smart Protection Server.  If scanning is required, the file information is sent to Smart Protection Server to be verified against the Smart Scan Pattern file. When anti-malware is using conventional scanning model, the file is verified against the local virus pattern file.

DSVA uses the conventional scanning method (recommended) that does not use Smart Protection Server. There is a feature called “Web Reputation” which is used by the DSVA. When someone tries to access a URL on the VM, the rating of that URL is checked by the DSVA first. It makes sure that the URL is not a malicious URL. To check the rating of the URL, DSVA has to send that query to the Smart Protection Server.

Smart Protection Network is globally available on the Internet courtesy of Trend Micro. By default, DSVA will use it. Ensure that the following sites are allowed on your company firewall/proxy when using the global Smart Protection Server:

  • (Used for Web Reputation queries – WRS)
  • (Used for File Reputation queries – Anti-Malware Smart Scan)

To void Internet traffic going to the global servers, it is recommended to install a local standalone Smart Protection Server 3.0 or above.

Download SPS Media

TO start the installation of TrendMicro Smart Protection Server (SPS). We have to download the media locally.

Go to ->Click “Smart Protection Server (Standalone)”


In Smart Protection Server (Standalone) -> Product Download/Updated Tab. Click “Download Package” Icon as highlighted below


Once download has been completed. Check the release notes for supported platform of deployment.

Hardware Requirement for SPS

  • 0 GHz Intel(TM) Core2Duo(TM) 64-bit processor supporting
  • Intel(TM) Virtualization Technology(TM), or equivalent
  • 2GB RAM
  • 30GB or 35GB (recommended) disk space when installed on a virtual machine


  • Smart Protection Server automatically partitions the detected disk space as required.
  • The Blocked Web Access log stops collecting data if it detects that the available disk space is less than 1GB. It starts collecting data again once the administrators have made at least 1.5 GB of disk space available.
  • Monitor must support 1024 x 768 resolution with at least 256 colors

Create a Virtual Machine for SPS

Create a VM with following Specs

OS: CentOS 64bit

2vCPUs, 4 GB RAM, 30 GB hard disk

NOTE: do not change Disk/Network type which comes by default in the wizard while creating the VM.


Remove any extra device such as floppy in your VM.

Mount the SPS media and power on the VM to start Installation.


Use the default option “Install Smart Protection Server” -> Click “Enter”


Use default -> Click “Next”


Accept the License Agreement


Use default -> Click “Next”


Use default -> Click “Next”


Enter the “Host name”-> Click “Edit” -> Click “Manual Configuration” and Provide the “IP Address” -> Click “OK”


Provide the “Gateway” and “DNS” Settings -> Click “Next”


Choose your “Time Zone” -> Click “Next”


Enter the passwords -> Click “Next”


Review your settings -> Click “Next”


Click “Continue”


Now installation has started. Wait for it to finish.


When installation is completed. Click “Reboot”


Once VM is powered back On. open the VM Console from vSphere Client .read the instruction and open the browser to access web console of SPS Server.


Thats it for the Installation Part. we will start the configuration in next post.

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  1. i reached to the step : In Smart Protection Server (Standalone) -> Product Download/Updated Tab. Click “Download Package” Icon as highlighted below
    i can not install it .

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