How to Configure TrendMicro Smart Protection Server (SPS)

In previous post. we have seen how to install the SPS server. in todays post lets see how to configure it and use it in our environment.


Enter following URL in your browser


It will automatically redirect to the port 4343. Enter the admin credentials which you have set during installation. Click “Log on”


Now SPS Configuration wizard started. Leave as default -> Click “Next”


Leave as default -> Click “Next”


Leave as default -> Click “Next”


If you have a proxy server for internet provide here otherwise leave default as disable. Click “finish”


Now our local SPS server has been configured. All the requests from Deep Security relay comes to local SPS server when needed and then SPS server go to global TrendMicro SPS Server for pattern downloads.

Configuration Deep Security Policy to use Local SPS server.

NOTE: we do not installed the Deep Security Manager yet. lets hold the below configuration till then. when we will install the DSM then will get back to this configuration and configure SPS.

Please note the link in the server address above from the Smart Protection Server http:/IP/tmcss.

Open the Deep Security Manager and Go to Policies -> Click “Base Policy”


In “Base Policy”–>Anti-Malware –> Smart Protection – Remove the “Default” and choose the locally installed Smart Protection server and add the http:/IP/tmcss.

Click “Save”


Next Click Web Reputation –> Smart Protection – Remove the “Default” and choose the locally installed Smart Protection server and add the http:/IP/tmcss:5274

Click “Save”


That’s it for SPS Configuration.

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