TrendMicro Deep Security for VMWare

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ provides advanced server security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers. It protects enterprise applications and data from ransomware, breaches and business disruptions without requiring emergency patching. This comprehensive, centrally-managed platform helps you simplify security operations while accelerating regulatory compliance and the ROI of virtualization and cloud projects. this lab series is on Deep Security version 9.6 SP1

Following are the TrendMicro Deep Security objectives, which i will cover in my lab series.

  1. What is TrendMicro Deep Security for Virtualization.
  2. TrendMicro Deep Security Licensing Models.
  3. TrendMicro Deep Security Architecture/Components.
  4. TrendMicro Deep Security Checklist before Installation.
  5. Install and prepare VMware vCNS (vShield) for Deep Security.
  6. Install vShield Endpoint Driver in a Guest (VM) for Deep Security Agentless Protection.
  7. How to Install TrendMicro Smart Protection Server (SPS).
  8. How to Configure TrendMicro Smart Protection Server (SPS).
  9. Prepared Database (SQL Server) for Deep Security Manager (DSM).
  10. Install Deep Security Manager (DSM).
  11. Basic Configuration of Deep Security Manager (DSM).
  12. Deploy Deep Security Agentless Protection with vCNS (vShield).
  13. Best Practices for Deep Security Virtual Appliance (DSVA).
  14. Configuring Deep Security policies and exclusions.
  15. Test the Anti-malware Protection with EICAR  Anti-Virus Test File.
  16. TrendMicro Deep Security Monitoring with vRealize Operations.
  17. TrendMicro Agent & Notifier Installation.
  18. TrendMicro Reporting and Dashboard Customization.