vRealize Automation 6.x (Lab Series)

VMware Cloud infrastructure with vRealize Automation

VMware vRealize Automation (formerly vCloud Automation Center (vCAC)) is VMware’s unified cloud management software product that is capable of managing multiple hypervisors, physical infrastructure and public cloud services. this lab series is on vRealize Automation version 6.2. 

Following are the VMware vRealize Automation objectives, which i will cover in my lab series.

  1. How to Configure Baseline for vRealize Automation
  2. How to install Identity Appliance
  3. How to install vRealize Automation Appliance
  4. How to Configure Identity Appliance
  5. How to Configure vRealize Automation Appliance
  6. How to Configure vRealize IaaS Components Baseline (Part 1)
  7. How to Configure vRealize IaaS Components Baseline (Part 2)
  8. How to Install and Configure vRealize IaaS Components
  9. Configure Initial System Configurations
  10. Bringing Resources Under vRealize Automation Management (Create endpoints and Fabric Groups).
  11. Configure Machine Prefixes.
  12. Create a Business Group
  13. Create Reservations
  14. Reservations Policies
  15. Storage Reservation Policies
  16. Network Profiles
  17. Create a Blueprint
  18. Publish a Blueprint
  19. Manage Service Catalog – Create a Service
  20. Manage Service Catalog – Configure a Catalog Item
  21. Manage Service Catalog – Create an Entitlement
  22. Use Service Catalog – Use the Infrastructure
  23. Manage Service Catalog – Policy based Governance
  24. Create Multi-machine blueprint
  25. Use of Custom properties.

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