How to Enable NetApp VASA Capabilities in VMWARE

What is VASA?

VASA can display the features of the physical storage devices, allowing vSphere administrators insight into storage capabilities. This is one of the vStorage APIs available from VMware which helps in storage management.for further details , please visit

Download NetApp VASA Plugin:

Download the latest version of NetApp VASA provider from NetApp Support Site.  you need the credentials to download the plugin.


At the download page you will see the there are two types of VASA Provider one is Data ONTAP 7-Mode  and other is Clustered DATA ONTAP as showed above. Choose the one you required and Click “Go”. For more information about this talk to your storage administrator. In my case I am going to download Data ONTAP 7-Mode VASA Provider plugin.

Install and Configure VASA Provider: 

Once you download the executable (netappvp-1-0-1-winx64.exe) launch the installer and click “Next” to continue, it’s very simple installation just required few clicks. I am going to install VASA provider on Windows 2008 R2.

NOTE: it is not recommended and you should not install VASA in Windows vCenter Machine. There will be a port conflict when you install both in one machine. 

Click “Next”


Click “Next”


Click “Install”


Next “Launch” the console (while installation a desktop Icon has been created).

In step one Add “vCenter SSO credentials” and Click “Save”. In Step 2, Click “Add” for Storage.


Enter your Storage Controller IP and Credentials, Click “OK”. Similarly add your other Storage Controller IP, if required.


Now verify your setting and put your vCenter details in Step 3, Click “Register Provider”. Click “OK”.


If everything went well then you will find the successful message.

Next go to your vSphere Client -> “Storage Providers”


Here you can see all of your vender storage provided details.


If you are not able to register your provider from the previous automated process. Then you may click on “Add” link from storage provider page and add it manually.


Similarly you can do it from Web client as well. To check or add the storage provider from vSphere Web Client from home page-> Click “Storage” -> Click “Manage Tab” -> Click “Storage Provider” Button and see your added Storage providers. Similarly if you want to add it manually then Click on Green “+” Sign.


When you register your VASA provider. It will automatically add some capabilities for Storage. To check the system added capabilities, go to “VM Storage Policies”


Click on “Manage Storage Capabilities”.


Here you can see the added Storage Capabilities with Type “System”. You can add your own capabilities by using add button.


If you go to any Storage which was mounted through NetApp than you will find “System Storage capability” which was automatically added during VASA registration process. Before VASA it was tagged as “N/A”.



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